Orbichem has exclusive distributorship for its products through its longstanding relationships with some of the world’s top producers. Furthermore, through its extensive local and international customer network, Orbichem offers world-class petrochemical sales and marketing service to South African and other international producers.

Orbichem has contracted onshore tank storage and warehouse facilities in Durban for base oils, transformer oils, white oils and waxes. The company is therefore able to provide bulk road-tanker loading and/or deliveries, as well as flexi-tank, isotainer and drum filling according to the customer needs. Hot bulk bitumen supply is done directly into road-tankers from the source refinery in South Africa. Packed bitumen in drums and bags are supplied from Orbichem’s refinery sources abroad.

A certificate of analysis (COA) issued by an accredited inspection laboratory is provided in terms of the supply agreement with the customer. Furthermore, apart from ensuring the product integrity, Orbichem’s team will monitor the entire order fulfilment process from order placement, product delivery, invoicing documentation to payment to ensure an efficient and world-class experience for its customers.

Orbichem prides itself in the fact that its service providers are companies that have demonstrated service excellence in their relationship with Orbichem and its customers.